Life Path Number 2: sensitive, reliable, art tendency

Those who are Life Path Number 2 have high capability to follow a dynamic leader. Without someone like that, they can easily feel being astray. Rarely become a leader, or have ambition to be one, but they are quirky at finding and cooperate with people or organizations whom appreciate their diligent and devoted the most. They are irreplaceable when come to refine the job by their very loyalty, devotion and intuition.


Though Number 2’s are capable of and confident when allowed to work independently, as to their stable efficiency, they can be insecure if being put under pressure of constant high intensity. They need to work in their native speed, since they are fond of a smooth coordination. They really are lovely people, and don’t want their loyalty to be questioned at all – which will cause a loss in their confident.


Number 2’s are all sensitive, strong intuitive, reliable, diligent and emotional. They are pacifists and peacemakers, sometime capable of reconstructing an organization (and in this age of consciousness, this is a precious virtue). They barely being controlled by their ego, which show their keenness and unselfishness, very precious when you need to let go the self to get on well with others in times.


Some among those Number 2 don’t realize that their inherent development must come from themselves. Sometimes materialism or a sense of temporary self appears will make them uncomfortable, get mad and fiery up. In situations like that, they must realize asap that they are being stray from their natural evolution path. There are chances that they could be disappointed if rely too much on reason and overlook their intuition, misguide them to wrong calls.


The Number 2 should take advance of their strong intuitive to grow their confident and can find the right friends or partners who can appreciate their significant characteristics. This is important to progress in their natural evolution path. When they are grown up, they will find their ability to control emotions eventually and learn how to use that as a tool to express their subtle expression. That will be helpful for them to progress in intellectual fields, especially in deduction and memorize. Have progress in this direction will firmly proclaim their pride, contribute to a better happily life.

The Number 2’s are best suitable for personal assistants of business administrators or organizations, especially in education or charity. With their art tendency and much sensitive, that can be shown through painting, music, singing or dancing, but in these they will be comfortable when in a crowd (musical groups, dance groups…) than solo. Number 2 can be found of good diplomatists, social activists, secretaries, and in case they’re not well-educated, they can be workers in factory line.

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