Life Path Number 3: creative, communicative, hilarity

The point of Life Path Number 3’s is related to mind active. They consider understanding life along with personality development as their important goals, although this is more connected to their thought than experience in life or intuition. Their services for life are proclaimed through thinking, planning, analysis, memorize, etc.


When Number 3’s has already get on with work, others will find it hard to catch up to their high speed. In addition, their really sharp consciousness can be seen in almost everything, some even feature it in an amazing hilarious way, which makes them bright and brilliant companions. They express themselves through their thought channel will be much easier than through emotion or action.


As to Number 3’s, their sharp, humor mind and keen consciousness in general help them easily achieve success. They can be the soul of the party or glowing in a company, but not always like that when at home. They can be sweet and warm to new acquaintances, but for longtime to say, they can be a little sour too. Number 3’s like to help, as long as your thought have some similar to their, and willingly to cooperate.


When they’re not being positive, Number 3’s tend to dominion, patriarch or just giving orders. This could cause misunderstanding and sullen. Because of their excessive keen consciousness, Number 3’s can show impatient and lack of forgiveness to those are not blessed with a brilliant mind, criticize them for having that ‘disadvantage’.

If not realize a need to get control, this could happen to their families as well, which could cause marriages to be broken. In some situations, keep criticizing will create a heavy pressure to their mates, even… shorten their lifetime ^^ (This is from a quote of a researcher, who spends more than 40 years to research on hundreds of thousands of cases!)


The Number 3’s should develop their delicate sense of other’s emotions. When they realize that experiences in life will always give valuable lessons, that sense will be develop gradually. It’ll be good enough that they will even blending with others. And so their life will be much more positive. They should not develop… complaining, instead they should use their natural bounce to get a fresh burst of energy, see the bad experiences as chances to progress. It would be helpful if they try to express their given of intuitive in more channels, or be more realistic if daily communication, especially in family.

The Number 3’s are best suitable for intellectual jobs, include academics, especially in science, or accountant, business administrator, I.T programmer, systems analyst, etc. They could be expert scientists, actors, or art critical theorists.

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